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Youth is a period of tremendous energy. YUVA's whole and sole mission is working towards channelizing this energy for the good of mankind and society. By inspiring and engaging the youth towards constructive work we believe we can make each young mind realize their true potential to the fullest and push them towards exploring new possibilities.

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Recently YUVANs visited Mother Terasa orphanage and celebrated Holi with kids there and even cooked food for them. They conducted different activities fir the kids and everone enjoyed the festival to the fullest ! Checkout our social media feeds for the pics. 


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An initiative to reach out to those people who are living on harmful kerosene lamps post after the sun sets.

Light-up Revolution

The project aims at decentralizing the waste management by addressing one ward at time.

The Kachada Project

An initiative to improve the infrastructure of govt schools mainly in terms of ed-tech inclusion and teacher training. 

The New School

An initiative to build a dynamic database of scribes for the blind and connecting them whenever the need arises.

Be a Scribe 

A maker space for creators, innovators and entrepreneurs who can collaborate to built sustainable solutions to solve the problems of this world. 


An initiative to plant trees and bring green cover back on earth which was lost due to carelessness and greed. We cant just start this journey, we need to run coz we have already late !


Creating a virtual medium that breaks the communication barrier between people and those with hearing impairment .

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Meet The Team

Dharamvir Singh


Manu Parshiv

Project Head - Light-up Revolution

Sinchana G

President  - Bangalore Chapter

Gurram Sagar 

YUVA Media - Lead Support

Kaustub Kamath

CSR Head - Fundraising 

Dr. Dharmender J 


Shubham Sharma

Vice President - Bangalore Chapter

Sanketh Hegde

Publicity Head

Ravina Beranna

Survey Head

During school and college days most of our time is spent with our friends and the bond grows so strong that it seems to remain forever. But as time passes we get separated from each other because of different reasons and we hardly have time for friends. When I analysed this I found that our time is spent on work that we take up in different work places to improve our career and earnings. YUVA was that genuine and naive attempt to keep the crowd together connected with a cause so that we friends can stay together, work together and create beautiful things to this world around us. Its been an amazing journey, few things have worked as I thought, many things haven't worked as planned. Though the hidden objective for which YUVA was formed hasn't actually fulfilled I realized that for whatever time my crowd has spent together it has been able to give its best and made YUVA a live organization realize its true responsibilities towards the society at large than just mere a platform for friends to stay connected. 

                                                                                                                                                         -  AKHIL K

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C-210, Note Mudran Nagar

Mysore - 570003

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